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On disc: MarysCreek

- Some Kind Of Hate - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Some Kind Of Hate

Some Kind Of Hate
(MTM Music - 2007)

The Swedish quartet MarysCreek is a quite new band which was started in 2004 by singer Mats Nilsson. After completing the line-up the band from Link÷ping started working on songs. Now in their debut finally is released - Some Kind Of Hate. Musically the guys present hard rock which sounds fresh as they mix some modern elements into their 80's hard rock. The songs let me partly think of Mad Max while singer Mats Nilsson has a bit of Don Dokken in his voice... On Hold On they include some college rock elements, but stick to their roots. The melody line is a bit Shark Island-ish... MarysCreek sound a bit heavier then other hard rock acts due to the pounding bass and the heavy riffs, but song writing / arrangements are typical hard rock.
But if I would have seen the CD in some store, I might not have gave it a try, coz the dark cover and the title Some Kind Of Hate suggest something much heavier... A good album, good songs, but still it sounds too familiar... On the other hand these days there aren't many outstanding hard rock releases. MarysCreek is interesting for hard rock fans who like bands like White Lion, Bad English, Dokken, etc. Its fun to listen to this album, but if this is enough to compete with other bands, I don't know. Anyway, time will tell and probably next time they have a little more uniqueness in their music... Meanwhile enjoy the music and don't think too much about what they might sound like. ;)

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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