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On disc: Momento Mori

- La Danse Macabre - Volker Raabe - 7 stars

La Danse Macabre

La Danse Macabre
(Black Mark - 1996)

The cult figure is gone. Messiah Marcolin left Momento Mori surprisingly after the recordings of the 2nd album. And so they needed a new front man for the Black Mark festivals which followed the release. A surprise for everybody is that on La Danse Macabre Tad Morose singer Kristian Andren is singing. The band took a little distance to the doom sound of the beginning and so the memory of Mike Wead's old band Hexenhaus comes up. More progressive this time, but combined with classic metal elements this mixture sounds atmo­spheric. Natural. Anyway, without Messiah Marcolin Momento Mori will never be able to keep up with their early days. Check out Crown Of Thorns and La Danse Macabre.

7 stars

Volker Raabe
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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