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On disc: Marauder

Face The Mirror - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars
Elegy Of Blood - Lars Bjørn - 6 stars

Elegy Of Blood

Elegy Of Blood
(Pitch Black Records - 2012)

Marauder from Greece has been on the metal scene for 21 years and achieved a good part of success, but their new 5th record could have been a lot better than it actually is. The songs are simple and gets boring and uninspired as the chorus is repeated too many times and the creativity is almost invisible. 10 new songs that are centered around war themes, both from the Roman Empire and up period of World War II. Their greatest asset is the singer Alexandros Kostarakos with a real powerful voice, and that helps to give a good impression. They start with a thunderous intro called Elegy Of Blood, but most of the following songs are standard metal, hard and heavy but kind of boring, and from time to time too much dominated by the massive drums Marauder has. Their best song is called Alexander, super power metal with a great battle rhythm. But they need a lot more to convince the fans that they are still a band to be counted on.

6 stars

Lars Bjørn


Face The Mirror

Face The Mirror
(Heart of Steel Rec. - 2008)

The Greek power metal band Marauder started back in 1990 and through the years release a couple of demos and with Face The Mirror now their 4th album.

The intro Who Am I? lead you with some epic sounds into the album and over into the first track I Am (The One). Heavy guitars and hammering drums show what Marauder is about. Unfortunately the production lacks some power.... Singer Alexander Kostarakos sings high-pitched first, but then switches back to a more medium timbre. Actually I think he lacks the power when he's doing high-pitched parts... The 'normal' parts are much better. Musically Marauder are interesting for fans of power metal who like twin guitar leads and great melodies. Partly they remind me of Iced Earth... While the backing vocals / choirs are somehow remind me of Blind Guardian - at least at the first song. A faster tune is Face The Mirror which good be much stronger with a better production. At Hearts Made Of Steel they sound Manowar-ish.... Again an epic, more mid-paced track. But I think its not just the music, it's also the lyrics which give the Manowar touch.... The beginning of Nemesis reminds me again of Iced Earth... Well, that isn't a bad thing, but so far every song made some band names pop up... So, the guys should try to become a bit more original... more unique. With Naya they have a riff-based metal anthem. And even if it seems that metal anthems are always the same, here the Greek show themselves more unique. More tracks like Naya would do them good. And the songs would be even stronger with a good, powerful production! Another song which sticks out is The Beast Is On The Highway, here the crunchy guitar riffs are accompanied by some more mean vocals. And even the short high-pitched parts fit well here. Last, but not least they offer a balladesque tune - Until We Fall. First with keyboard / piano later symphonic sounds take over. Partly the epic choir is a bit too much... I'm somehow a purist when it comes to ballads... But perhaps they should try to weave in symphonic sounds into some other tunes...
No doubt the guys have the skills and the songs are well written, but far too often you think about one or the other band. These days with so many bands competing, it needs a bit more. If they can add some originality - and have a better production -, then they have a chance to leave a mark and represent Greece internationally.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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