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On stage: Millencolin

- Millencolin & Far From Finished - Apr. 2009 - Düsseldorf (D) -
- Devilside Festival - June 2009 - Duisburg (D) -

- Millencolin & Far From Finished -
- April 28th 2009 - Düsseldorf (D), Stahlwerk -

The band from Örebro (Sweden) started almost 20 years ago and after a successful tour in 2008 they are now back for a few more shows. Now the tour stopped in Düsseldorf.
The opening act The Picturebooks were nobodies to most and so the threesome had a tough time to convince people with their heavy alternative rock. Somehow it seems that they are at the wrong place... Their sound and performance couldn't get the Millencolin fans and so they got the best response when they left the stage after a 30 min. long set.
With Far From Finished the fans got closer to the stage and the Boston boys rocked the house! Their melodic street punk and the fun the band had on stage flashed over and the crowd started to party. The guys were always in motion and it was pure fun to watch them. It was my first encounter with the band, but I think not the last one!
After the change over the Swedish guys entered the stage. Right from the start it was obvious that they loved being on stage. Singer and bassist Nikola Sarcevic told the audience between the first songs that he's glad to be back to Düsseldorf - and to play a bigger place -, coz Millencolin's very first German show was in Düsseldorf. And so they gave everything to deliver a good show, unfortunately the sound at Stahlwerk wasn't the best, but their fans gave a damn and started a big party! A huge moshpit opened up in front of the stage and even more in the back the people were partying. Millencolin are still promoting their last album Machine 15, but also offered songs from earlier releases like For Monkeys and Life On A Plate. During their 75 min. long set they presented songs from all stages of their career incl. No Cigar, Olympic, Bullion, Kingwood and Detox. And even the young fans - the next generation - is familiar with the same old tunes. The sound didn't improve during the show and so some people left earlier... But the majority of the crowed enjoyed the songs!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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