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On disc: Motherlode

Tomorrow Never Comes - Lars Bjrn - 8 stars

Tomorrow Never Comes

Tomorrow Never Comes
(YesterRock Records - 2011)

Hard to imagine that a band from 1982 have only produced one album and a few demos, but that is the case with Motherlode, and their previous album from 1986, Sanctuary, has some years on the back now. Then the band had a pause in 1989 and some years to follow, and reunited again to make a new start, and actually also re-released their Sanctuary album in 1995. Their vocalist Sonny Larsson left the band and that had a great influence on the decision to split up, but they are all together again, and last year they started the preparations to make a new album, this time called Tomorrow Never Comes. The recordings are over, and we are ready to welcome Motherlode to a future period of hopefully more stability and honor. Sonny Larsson is very important to the band, he sings like a combination of Steven Tyler, Axl Rose and Jon Bon Jovi, and their style is a mix of inspiration from Mtley Cre and also Bon Jovi's music. That's how it is, and you can judge by yourself, because it is very catchy what they are doing, Predator is of the old school strategy where you almost feel Mtley Cre breathing in your neck, rock'n'roll professionally performed. Tomorrow Never Comes is more of the classic rock that could be their primary force. Promises adds some pop metal sound to their rocking image, great song. Won't Find Me Begging and the song Why We Bleed are two songs that have elements of blues and rock mixed together and the result are good and experienced just as Motherlode themselves. I think the greatest song they offer is Eaten By The Pigs. It's a ballad that is clearly made with finesse and this genuine experienced hand by Motherlode. The Swedish band has been touring a lot, and now they can promote their new songs live along with their other songs.

8 stars

Lars Bjrn


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