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In Words: Majesty

- Majesty - Nov. 2011 - Mike Thompson -

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First there was Majesty, then MetalForce. Now MetalForce is history and Majesty is back. Time to get a few answers from Majesty to enlighten us about what's going on in the Majesty band camp.

I have a burning question that I must ask before anything else! How long 'til the next Majesty full-length?

Well, not too long. All the songs are written and we are already recording the album at the moment. So if everything works as it is planned, the new studio album should come out in late spring 2012 and I can already tell you that it will massively kick some ass!

How did you go about deciding which songs made it onto Own The Crown? I'd have a hard time leaving songs out!

Yeah, that was definitely a hard decision but at the end we are more than happy with the result because I think, that Own The Crown covers all chapters of our career so far. The reactions of the fans and press also show that everybody is more than happy with the compilation because it is more than a regular 'best of' album – it offers special stuff for everybody.

How long did it take to write the two new songs, Own The Crown and Metal On The Road?

That was actually pretty fast because both songs perfectly reflect our attitude towards our music and the heavy metal scene in general. We love what we do and I think that the two new songs prove that within seconds.

Will the new songs be made available in other formats for the older Majesty fans who may already have all of the songs otherwise included on Own The Crown?

No, that is not planned. These songs were exclusively written for Own The Crown to make the album special. Fans who already have all old songs have plenty of great stuff on the second CD in the package. And then on the other and the first CD of the compilation is great for new fans to get to know the band.

The artwork for Own The Crown is up to the usual high standards of Majesty. Who is responsible for this picture and who came up with the concept?

The artwork was once again painted by Ferenc Regös. He is a great talent and he already did most of our other artworks. We just told him the ideas we had and he did an awesome job bringing them to life.

The majority Majesty's songs are themed around fantasy and the glorification of metal but where do you draw your inspiration? Any particular books, films or music?

That is a very good question. Actually most of the songs are of course inspired by fantasy themes, but on the other hand the lyrics can also be transferred to everybody's life because one of the main messages of many Majesty songs is, that you should always follow your dreams and never give up even if everybody else is telling you to do so. A lot of fans tell us that they managed difficult situations in life by listening to our songs and gaining courage out of them. That makes us very proud.

So Majesty is back and MetalForce is now a mere memory. Could you just explain what the difference was between Majesty and MetalForce as they both seemed stylistically similar?

In 2009 the change to MetalForce just felt right. It was not a logical decision and it was made out of emotional reasons. I can't even explain these reasons in an understandable way because I don't really understand them myself. But what I know is, that now, as we are back with Majesty everything feels just right and the fans are on our side. I also tried to explain that situation in a statement I did on our webpage.

The reversion to the old name has brought another line-up change with Björn Daigger back on guitars, Alex Palma taking over bass duties. Is this the strongest line-up yet for Majesty?

In my opinion it is. We already played some shows and the connection of the band to the fans was as intense as never before. We are also having lots of fun in the studio at the moment and we can't wait to present the result of that to the world very soon.

I see you put some MetalForce stand-alone songs on Own The Crown but will you be incorporating any MetalForce songs into a Majesty setlist? It would be a shame to forget about them as it was a fantastic album!

Oh yes, we will definitely play some of the songs live. We still love the album and some of the songs are very good live songs.

Any plans to re-release the MetalForce album under the Majesty moniker?

Well, not at the moment. You never know what will happen in the future but at the moment we are concentrating on a killer new studio album and to play as many shows as possible.

You've been playing a few shows, which if Facebook is any indication, have been awesome gigs. Where else do you intend to play? Any chance of some UK tours?

Hopefully! We played in the UK in 2006 on the Bloodstock In-door festival and we had lots of fun there. As soon as a promoter or festival wants us we would be more than happy to come to the UK again because we are already getting lots of demands from English fans.
As I said, we are ready to play as many shows as possible and spread our magic all over the world!

Which is your absolute favorite song to play live? Which gets the best reaction from the fans?

That is hard to answer because every song causes another reaction of the fans. If you play a fast song like Fields Of War for instance, everybody gets crazy in the audience and you see headbanging everywhere. On the other hand also a ballad like We Will Ride gets lots of intense reactions. So you really can't compare songs you should always look at the whole show. Everybody who comes to one of our gigs for the first time is blown away by the intensity of the band and our fans.

Will you ever release a live DVD?

We recorded our comeback show in September in HD and we definitely want to release it as a DVD or BluRay very soon. We just are not sure about, if we should release it on its own or as a bonus of the new album.
Anyway, the material we recorded is just awesome and it will be released very soon!

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions! Anything else you would like to add?

Thanks for the interview. For the latest Majesty news please visit us at or on Facebook at

Mike Thompson


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