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On disc: Midnight Blue

Take The Money And Run - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Take The Money And Run

Take The Money And Run
(YesterRock - 2012)

YesterRock once again is bringing back music from the past, in this case they choose Midnight Blue's 1994 album which was a Japan-only release. Unfortunately Take The Money And Run was the only album of Doogie White and his Midnight Blue mates. The album got a new cover artwork, was remastered and they added 2 songs which were recorded at the same time as the album.

Musically Midnight Blue are offering 80's melodic rock which isn't a surprise when you know that the other band members were guitarist Alex Dickson (ex-Heavy Pettin'), keyboarder Jem Davis (FM, ex-Tobruk, ex-UFO), ex-Tobruk drummer Eddie Fincher and ex-Blackwych bassist Niall Canning. The opener Surrender is a keyboard-laden rocker which gets ennobled by White's vocals. After the rocker Makin' Love they slow down for the balladesque Remember. At this one the guitar sounds a bit like Heavy Pettin, but due to the vocals it also has a dash of Whitesnake in it... But it won't give you goose bumps. Call Me has a pop appeal... Reminds me a bit of Robin Beck's First Time.

One of my favorites is Hold On Till the Heartbreak's Over, a catchy tune with a nice guitar line - unfortunately the guitar is a bit too much in the background. The long track Until Tomorrow is another one - a powerful balladesque tune with a dash of melancholy and a memorable guitar line. Hands Of A Lover is a catchy, riff-based rocker and I guess back in the heydays this one would have got quite some air play... The title track Take the Money And Run sounds familiar... it's on the tip of my tongue... I think it has a bit of Mr. Big in it... I love the brass, nice twist.

Party is the last track on the Japan release, it's now followed by Hurts When We Do It. The track doesn't sound as polished as the others and it's more guitar-driven. The 2nd bonus track is Only Girl, perhaps not the best tune... But more then just a filler.

Fans of 80's hard rock / melodic metal should check out Midnight Blue, fans of Doogie White won't be disappointed. Even if not all songs are killers it's a good album, guess it was bad timing for Midnight Blue...

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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