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On disc: Myra

Godspeed - Carsten Bahr - 7 stars



(European Label Group / Broken Silence - 2010)

Myra from Leipzig presented their debut The Venom It Drips in 2008 and with their melodic death metal / metalcore they already left a first impression on the scene. The band tried right from the start to find their own sound and with Godspeed they are closer to find their own niche. Okay, there are still similarities to In Flames, Devildriver, Unearth and Maroon / Heaven Shall Burn, but they aren't copycats. And these days it's almost impossible to create something completely new. Myra's songs they are memorable and show some originality. The production is fat and powerful, but most important the songs have catchy melodies to hook you up. No need to be afraid that this weakens the songs, they are still brutal and straight-forward.
The opener Architects is a great hardcore monster with just eases up during the refrain when they use clean, melodic vocals. But they don't overdo it! And so you mainly hear Spühle's raspy and brutal voice on Godspeed. Three Cheers For Dedication is groove monster with fat riffs which steam rolls you. Quite Devildriver-ish and with a dash of Disbelief. The title track Godspeed is an instrumental leads onto Phobia where Nico (War From A Harlots Mouth) is doing a guest appearance. It's a fast, mean one, but with a nice melody. The Leipzig-based band offers varying sounds and even if the groover Memento is a bit monotonous, it differs from the rest of the songs.
Myra deliver a dynamic, well structured album with speed changes without disturbing the flow of the album. Even if Myra don't give the gridlocked melodic deathcore scene a new impulse, but they present a decent album. And it let me hope that with their 3rd album they finally find their own style. Fans of the above mentioned band should check out Godspeed!

7 stars

Carsten Bahr
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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