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On disc: Mastodon

- Leviathan - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Relapse Records - 2004)

Opening with some guitar riffs the band starts rocking the house with Blood & Thunder. The quartet presents very heavy rock / metal with vocals which are more typical for HC. In the opening tune elements of US metal can be found as well as progressive parts and parts where their singer sings clean. On Am I Ahab they use some classical heavy metal guitar riff, breaks and complex parts give this one a different sound, even if the roots are in the classical metal. Beside the progressive heavy tunes are slower ones like Seabeast. And so this album is interesting for open-minded fans of bands like Metallica, Rush, Iron Maiden and Neurosis. Hearts Alive starts very different, first a slow acoustic tune, then a heavy mid-tempo tune. Also the vocals are different here. A very intense song, but not representing the album.
A good track to check them out is Megalodon - has all the different elements of their sound - and Aqua Dementia which combines the extreme different sounds. Here they combine progressive parts, metal and aggro vocals. Nothing for traditionalists, but interesting for open-minded metal heads.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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