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On disc: Mortemia

Misere Mortem - Mike Thompson - 9 stars

Misere Mortem

Misere Mortem
(Napalm Records - 2010)

Mortemia is the new band from the legendary Morten Veland, founder of Tristania and Sirenia. Once again Veland has formed a new symphonic Gothic metal band but where this differs hugely from his previous bands is that the main vocals are provided by Veland himself. There is no female singer present on Misere Mortem.
The orchestral sections of the previous bands are still present in Mortemia, however, the emphasis is more on the metal sections of the music. The album is very much guitar driven and what a full sounding guitar it is! A great, rich chug backed up by some nice technical interludes, enchanting keyboard melodies and competent backing from the drums and bass.
Both the full guitars and the excellent deep growls of Veland make the music of Mortemia sound far heavier than any of the Tristania or Sirenia albums I've listened to. Gothic fans need not fear though, the orchestral backing still plays a large part in the music, as does the frequent use of choirs, however these factors do not dominate the music.
What makes this album even more impressive is that Morten Veland plays every instrument himself. In this age of one man bands this isn't anything special but with Veland's stature in the metal scene finding suitable musicians would not be difficult. The very fact that he has elected to make this album as a solo effort, to have only his input in the music, has in my opinion made this album stronger.
This album is an absolute joy to listen to. It is melancholy but not depressing or boring and really encapsulates the Gothic ideal of finding beauty in darkness.

9 stars

Mike Thompson


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