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On disc: Melencolia Estatica

Hel - Lars Bjørn - 4 stars


(Temple Of Torturous - 2012)

The third album from Melencolia Estatica may be the black metal that Climaxia Melencolia wants her music to be, but is generally very complex and filled with deeper and nature gothic elements in the songs. Also a bit confusing is the names of the songs, Hel 1-6 because there are 6 songs on the new CD. First comes aggressive adventure inspired black metal, and second in the row goes for sonic nature and gothic sound in a very advanced composition that could easily be called multi black metal. Climaxia makes a few songs which are very slow but deep and gothic in appearance, and then she finish the CD with a torment song of painful storytelling in an atmosphere of gothic adventure. The storytelling is the crucial point of the song, but in the background there is a constant gothic whispering to make it all very much more creepy. Interesting and very different album from Melencolia Estatica.

4 stars

Lars Bjørn


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