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On disc: Mortification

EnVision EvAngelene - Volker Raabe - 8 stars
The Evil Addiction Destroying Machine - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

The Evil Addiction Destroying Machine

The Evil Addiction Destroying Machine
(Rowe Productions - 2009)

The Australian metalheads Mortification have their 14th studio album recorded and soon The Evil Addiction Destroying Machine will be in stores. I can't compare this album with their previous as I'm not familiar with their works, but I will try to give you an idea what to expect!
The trio opens up with the title track which sounds a bit 80's (sound-wise) and is based on technical thrash with a dash of Venom. Due to the 80's production the drums lack something... the punch. That's part of why I say the album has an 80's sound. The guitar solo is clear, but could be more powerful.... A heavy bass riff leads you into the monolithic The Master Of Reinvention. After a doomy opening they speed up for a moment - and get back to the doomy sound. Again Michael Jelinic's guitar leads are the highlight of the song. As longer as I listen to the new Mortification album the more I think that they should hire a second guitarist and with a better production they would be able to convince more metal fans. Due to the lack of a second guitarist they limit themselves, in my opinion. A Destuction-like thrasher is Elasticised Outrage, but beside the fast parts there are some mid-tempo passages. One Man With Courage Makes A Majority kicks off with Adam Zaffarese's drums and somehow this tune sticks out, it offers something different... I'm Not Confused sounds like a fast, raw Motörhead track... With Alexander The Metalworker they show their kind of humor, but the song sounds quite alike the others, even if their are some interesting parts. The closer Resurrection Band (A Tribute To Rez) is also differing from the rest of the songs... It has some 80's heavy metal elements combined with raw vocals. Again the guitar solo is the best part... I can just recommend to check the new album out yourself and make up your mind...
I don't know why the band decided to use an 80's sounding production, coz it will make it difficult to stand ground with there are so many releases these days.... The songs will find their way to the metal fans, so fans of 80's thrash / early death metal should give it a try...

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


EnVision EvAngelene

EnVision EvAngelene
(Nuclear Blast - 1996)

The Australian band Mortification are back after a few line-up changes with a new album EnVision EvAngelene. On this release the guys surprise the listener with new, innovative ideas after using the same concept on the last two albums. So they added untypical instruments like harp and cornet to their death thrash metal with traditional elements. Beside the 18 minutes long title track are Crusade For The King and Jehovah Nissi highlights of the album. This is definitely much better then the releases of the last two years! Well done!

8 stars

Volker Raabe
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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