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On disc: Man Among Stars

- Columna - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars


(self-released - 2007)

Man Among Stars arose late 2004 from the ashes of Carpathia and Abnoba. Meanwhile only Sigismund and Şerban are still active as Man Among Stars. They are from Bucharest, the town earlier known as the Paris of the East... And the name origins from the Thrakian word for 'beautiful' - and I guess that fit up to the days of Nicolae Ceauşescu that they carry this depressiveness their music shows... The sound quality is not the best, but as the bands work is for free, there is nothing to complain, coz you can't expect a great production for free!
The song Columna is the opener and a slow to mid-paced tune full of pain and grief. The vocals are far back, it's like you listen to someone mourning... lamenting after a loss. Musically the twosome is based more in doom / funeral metal, but the vocals of Şerban are more black metal-like. I don't know, it they intentionally put the vocals so far back... Partly the drums overlay them, make the vocals drown... Towards the end of this one there is a lead guitar part which adds a nice melody to the tune and it like a ray of light at a dark and misty day. The 2nd song is Voi which is quite similar, but the guitars have a folk-ish touch. This time Şerban's vocals are more spoken words...
Well, somehow interesting, but I would put the vocals at least a bit more upfront and in case they will record next time more then 2 songs, they should vary a bit in speed / style. The songs are quite depressive and nothing to light up your day, but when you are in the mood, this will be the soundtrack for your sadness.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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