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On disc: Medication

- Prince Valium - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Prince Valium

Prince Valium
(Locomotive Music - 2002)

You might not heard of the band yet, but does Whitfield Crane and Logan Mader ring a bell? It should, coz Mader was guitarist in Machine Head and Soulfly while Whit was the singer of Ugly Kid Joe and Life Of Agony. They met several times occasionally, in 1999 Logan left Soulfly and Crane got fired from Life Of Agony. They started jamming with guitarist Blunt (ex-ADayInTheLife) and in November 1999 they played their first show as Pale Demons. In January 2000 they returned to the stages as Medication. The name is based on Logan's motto: "Music is my life, music is my medication."
At the early days Robert Trujillo (bs) and Roy Mayorga (dr) of Ozzy Osbourne's band were part of Medication and Roy is still in the band, but Trujillo left and got replaced by Kyle Sanders (ex-Piece Dogs, ex-Skrew). In summer 2000 the band signed with Locomotive Music. A little later they recorded an EP and toured in November of 2001 in the U.K.
In the early days of 2002 drummer Roy left and got temporarily replaced. Still Medication are looking for a drummer. Meanwhile their first full-length album hit the stores. Prince Valium is offering 13 tracks. Musically they offer a kind of heavy college rock with metal elements. In the States they entered the charts with tracks of the EP, but for Europe this won't work that well. The band won't easily find their place in the heavy scene, even if the names of the involved members will get them some attention.
Check out: False Idol, Xanax, Prince Valium and Loaded Gun.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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