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On disc: M.ill.ion

Sane & Insanity - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Sane & Insanity

Sane & Insanity
(Metal Heaven - 2011)

The Swedish band M.ill.ion is around for about 2 decades and now they present their 7th album. Sane & Insanity is kicking off with the intro Sea Of Fate which leads you into Cry To Heaven, a tune which make me think of Joe Lynn Turner's stuff... The Swedish foursome and their Australian keyboarder are offering a catchy melodic metal song - Scandinavian variety. Everyday Hero they choose for a video, a good choice, coz it's a melodic up-tempo tune with a dash of Deep Purple - mainly due to using the Hammond organ.

At Tomorrow Never Comes they add a splash melancholy to the Purple-ish sound, but also a dash Gotthard can be found. Next in line I Raise My Glass, a happy rocker which invites you to party. Not among my favorites, but fun. The heavy, riff-based title track Sane & Insanity is more my cup of tea. Angelo Modafferi's keyboard gives it a Savatage-sque touch and the vocals of Ulrich Carlsson have a sleazy touch at this one. The fast rocker Hate is melodic with an aggressive touch - like the title suggests. Neo-classical elements and Hammond sound is what you get. Only the gang shouts seems to be a bit out of place...
Resume: The new M.ill.ion album fans of Treat, Europe and other Scandinavian melodic metal bands should dig the new M.ill.ion album. People who like Hammond sounds combined with heavy riffs and catchy vocals should check out tracks like Drama Queen and Everyday Hero.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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