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On disc: Maniac Butcher

Masakr - Mike Thompson - 9 stars


(Negative Existence - 2010)

Maniac Butcher is a Czech black metal band that has been on extended hiatus for the past decade. Masakr is the band's seventh full length album and is a truly horrifying beast of a record firmly rooted in classic black metal territory.
Its actually really refreshing to find an old black metal band still producing the same kind of music they started with! These guys have refused to pander to the 'black'n'roll' stylings of Satyricon or Darkthrone nor let image overcome artistic integrity in the way that Dimmu Borgir and Immortal have. No, these guys still play ferocious, untamed black metal of a high quality!
Everything you would expect to hear from a raw black metal band is hear. The production is raw but not to the detriment of the music, the guitars have the typical black metal timbre and everything is played at fast-hyperfast speeds! The vocals of Barbarud are brutal too, not being overly high-pitched but rather a really well-rounded but raucous scream. They're barely decipherable but who cares!
One of the highlights of the black metal genre this year. When Satan storms the gates of Heaven, it will be Maniac Butcher that provides the battle songs!

9 stars

Mike Thompson


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