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- Be-Low - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Lifeforce - 2003)

The German youngsters are around for almost a de­cade. After 2 demos they released in 2000 the album Deviant. Now it's time for Be-Low. Andy Classen produced the album at his Stage One Studio and later the album got mastered by Goran Finnberg at the Mastering Room. In the early days a death metal band, they changed through the years and now they present modern metal with gothic and rock elements. The songs are catchy, partly with a progressive touch, they rock. The album starts with the noises you know from playing old vinyl, then the guitar and the band join in. Heavy, modern rock.... Metal is presented on Made To Measure. The voice of singer / keyboarder Danny Kabus is rough and powerful. The choirs a stylistic ele­ment and breaks give the song a larger variety. On the album are songs which are a melange of rock, metal, progressive metal with elements of other genres. The track Destination 666 starts with a few spoken words. An up-tempo track with gothic elements and a dark atmosphere. Remind me partly a little bit of Sentenced.... Mucher No Illores is a short instrumental. A piece of Spanish influenced guitar. Next is another up-tempo modern rock / metal track with the dark atmosphere which fits to the title Dead End Love. Breaks where the band slows down and where singer Danny get more emotional just make the song more interesting. With Gallery In Black the band has a powerful balladesque song on the album. Starting just with keyboard and the voice of Danny, then the band joins in for a slow, but powerful and heavy tune. With A Silent Moment which is a short piece of music, a ballad. Only Danny's voice and a piano. The title track Below is a really heavy Nu metal / rock track with guitar riffing, pounding bass and screaming guitar solos. What all songs have in common is the dark, sad atmosphere, but it won't make you feel blue. Sad, but not depressive. Even if it might sound like all songs sound the same, there is a variety in this collection of songs. Listen to tracks like: They Speak, Below, Made to Measure

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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