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On stage: Motörhead

- Motörhead, Skew Siskin & Mustasch - Dec. 2003 - Cologne (D) -
- W.O.A. - Aug. 2004 - Wacken (D) -
- Motörhead - April 2007 - Rio de Janeiro (Bra) -
- Masters Of Rock - July 2007 - Vizovice (CZ) -
- Devilside Festival - June 2009 - Duisburg (D) -
- Motörhead & Extrema - July 2009 - Piazzola Sul Brenta (I) -
- Motörhead, Der W & Black Stone Cherry - Dec. 2009 - Hanover (D) -
- W.O.A. - Aug. 2011 - Wacken (D) -

- Motörhead, Der W & Black Stone Cherry -
- December 2nd 2009 - Hanover (D), AWD-Halle -

To be a support of Motöthead isn't easy, just for Saxon this might differ... If you take this in account, then Black Stone Cherry did a good job warming up the audience. Singer Chris Robertson and his Kentucky boys managed to entertain the people at AWD-Halle and so you could see all around satisfied rockers. Why guitarist Ben Wells was jumping around like being in rage while playing stoner rock / Souther rock tune, I don't get. Only he will know...
Stephan Weidner also had a good stand right from the start which was mainly due to the fact that many Onkelz and Weidner fans attended the show. The Onkelz fans loudly demanded the Onkelz hymn Mexico, but their wish didn't get fulfilled. But Der W. did a good show thanks to his long concert experience of Stephan Weidner. Very professional, playful and with a good backing band Der W. was really entertaining. I was quite surprised how the songs of their debut Schneller, Höher, Weidner rocked.
What to tell about Motörhead? Sure, it's a must-see, but not just because it could always be the last time you see Lemmy. Motörhead are a living legend you have to experience live and during their 34-year career they influenced countless bands - and they are still have an impact on young musicians.
There is no Motörhead show without Iron Fist, Ace Of Spades, Bomber or Overkill! And once again it was great to see who songs like Rock Out, In The Name Of Tragedy and The Thousand Names Of God fit into the set list of classic Motörhead tunes. Beside Whorehouse Blues these were the only ones of their latest recordings. But what song to kick off the set list? Stay Clean? Metropolis? Killed By Death? But they have a little surprise for their fans, coz with Cradle To The Grave they added a song of the Eat The Rich-EP to the set, and Just 'Cos You've Got The Power is a must-play. Perhaps next time around they add Eat The Rich.... I would vote for it!
Resume: Motörhead delivered what everybody in the packed AWD-Halle expected, an evening full of loud dirty rock'n'roll! And everybody who hasn't seen them live yet, you must be dead! Only excuse, you have a ticket for one of the next shows!

Leif Lohne
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


- Motörhead & Extrema -
- July 17th 2009 - Piazzola Sul Brenta (Italy), Villa Contarini -

Hi from Italy,
this were the third live show for Motörhead in Italy, supported by 2 Italian bands: Le Merendine Atomiche and Extrema.
For climatic problems (rain) I can't see Le Merendine Atomiche, so let's start with Extrema and their powerful metal act...... People appreciate their music and their songs, but the singer GL Perotti sometimes, sorry all the times, reminds me Phil Anselmo in his poses. I like Pantera, but I dislike the followers and raw copies. Extrema made a nice gig with a lot of song from their latest CD Pound For Pound and the final response was good.
Motörhead: Lemmy live 1997Now it's time for headliners Motörhead! After wait a long time, the show starts!!! Lemmy, Phil and Mikkey offer - like always - a very nice, powerful show. Doesn't matter where they are or where they play, energy comes out of the speakers anyway!!!! Going To Brazil, Rock Out, Capricorn, No Class, Killed By Death and many other song were slapped in front of us, and in case you haven't enough Bomber, Overkill and Ace Of Spades is the classic ritual that usually close their set. With these 3 songs anyone will be killed....
In conclusion, people, I have not a lot things to say or tell about Motörhead, because the history talks for this band. I am not good enough to celebrate this legend with words... Go to see them and you'll understand what I mean!!!!

Umberto Mino


- Motörhead -
- April 28th 2007 - Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Fundição Progresso

After woke up with a hell of a hangover and some mosquitos living inside my head - thanks to Testament for the last night - I decide to just sleep and have a recovery day. Not really, better see Motörhead at night, of course!!! The latest album Kiss Of Death is amazing and no doubt about how good their performance could be.
It's a great chance to get to know the Lapa's neighborhood which is an old and classic place in Rio and where the gig took place. Lots of cool traditional bars and small places for all kind of music. Motörhead played at Fundição Progresso, this one is not small! A venue for 5,000 people and I recommend Lapa and Fundição Progresso to tourists - even better if you have Motörhead playing at the same day.
At the venue's front door thousands of bangers were making noise and drinking beer - much more people compared to yesterdays show of Testament - but that's to be expected for a rock legend! Inside the fans are allover the big place with lots of rooms and a nice outside sightseeing. Everything's perfect, but what about the band?
Motörhead doesn't need opening acts! Just them is more then enough. Big backdrop with the cover of the new album Kiss Of Death. The lights neither were put out entirely and the guys enters in the stage with their faces of 'just another day at work', cigarettes in their mouths - except for Mikkey Dee standing behind his drum kit and inviting everyone to scream and take part of the party. "Good evening, we are Motörhead and we play rock and roll!" that's all Lemmy said and then Dr. Rock starts the rock and roll catharsis. At the first moment the drum sound kept my attention. Awesome! The half-Greek, half-Swedish drummer / songwriter knows how to do his job! And that means lots of complaining to the roadies after almost every songs. Better than what I heard? Impossible.
Stay Clean - nice bass solo by Mr. Kilmister. Be My Baby - great heavy sound from the last album and Killers from the Inferno album they continued the show with - and it's just the beginning! More classics like Metropolis and Over The Top. Then One Night Stand - another great new song.
The next song was I Got Mine from the ultra obscure / classic album Another Perfect Day. Lemmy said: "This is from 1983 and all of you neither had been born." Well Mr. Kilmister, I have and I think lots of people at this place, too, of course the song was one of the highlights of the show. No time for speeches and they attacked In The Name Of Tragedy, Sword Of Glory and The Chase Is Better Than The Catch so finally something from the 1980's classic Ace Of Spades!!!
Sacrifice was the next including a mega drum solo. It was amazing, cause the solo was never boring! Mikkey could play alone all night long! You don't believe me??? Well, try some from King Diamond's early career; this drummer rocks!!! At the middle of the solo something funny happened: I could see Lemmy behind the stage, brushing his hair with a big brush. Don't worry my friend, you look beautiful!!! And I doubt this scene will appear at the next Motörhead DVD.
The unexpected Just 'Cos You Got The Power and the totally expected Going To Brazil continued the show. Old ones now like Killed By Death and the big hit Iron Fist. Oh, how can I forgot the Thin Lizzy cover?!? Rosalie - good idea!!!
The encore was just great. Lemmy without the bass, singing and playing harmonica with Phil and Mikkey in the acoustic guitars. Weird, but great. The song was Inferno's Whorehouse Blues. Ace Of Spades and Overkill finishes a great rock and roll party. No advanced ages for these guys. They rule - always!!!
The next day... Well, no voice for me! Totally mute, one ear deaf and a throat in pieces. No problem, I deserve it!!!!

Gus Rosa


- Motörhead, Skew Siskin & Mustasch -
- December, 6th 2003 - Cologne (D), Palladium

It's no news that the people who run the Palladium don't learn to do better, just see a review of Manowar who played here about a year ago. You're great, thanks for doing the let in that way, so I could just hear the last notes of the first band. Fighting the way to the toilet and back, just to be back in time and defrosted for Skew Siskin.
Well, I expected more from this band. Musically based in the 80's they presented a good mixture of heavy metal from the good old days, only the voice of singer Nina was annoying after a while.
After a short change-over we faced the highlight of the night - Lemmy & co.! In their own tradition they started their set with Motörhead and it was almost over. Some nerds threw beakers full of beer in the stage, never learnt that this is a no-do, especially never threw anything at Lemmy! So he left the stage! Thanks God, that they returned after a little while. It was a typical Motörhead show. The best they presented at the end, especially God Save The Queen and R.A.M.O.N.E.S. are a must. The drum solo was embedded into Sacrifice and was technically brilliant. The absolute highlights were played during the encore - Ace Of Spades and Overkill.
Resume: A pity for Mustasch. Skew Siskin were okay, but not everybody's cup of tea. Motörhead are always great and live a killer. Motörhead still alive and kicking - for more then 20 years now!

Ilia Kontitsi
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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