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On disc: Mydra

Mydra - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


Mydra (re-release)
(YesterRock - 2012)

From the ashes of Charon emerged Mydra, the Mydra debut should have been Charon's 3rd album. But the label who was interested in the album wanted them to rename. And so in 1988 Mydra released their self-titled debut - and this is a re-release.

Slowly they kick off I've Got The Power, but soon the tune becomes a keyboard-laden melodic rocker. Heavy riffs take you into Freeway Blues and onto a different road. It's a bluesy heavy rock tune. Sound quality could be better, but hell this was recorded about 25 years ago - and not with a budget of hundreds of thousand dollars! The songs vary from AOR to hard rock / heavy rock to melodic metal, so if you like that kind of stuff from the late 80's and don't know Mydra, then go check it out! Now! I don't think that you'll regret it.

California shows the bands skills with sharp riffs and great leads. It also shows how variable singer Keith Ellis is - and he easily done all this on stage! Love Killer is a bit repetitive towards the end, but live it was fun to sing along - as I remember I did. One of my favorites is - and has been - Cold Blooded, a cool heavy rocker which has elements which remind me of Kiss... With Fireball they have an instrumental track on the album, and as usual the instrumental can't really grab me. But with Double Dealer they offer another catchy tune. The closer at the original release was Gone With The Wind, a cool tune! It begins like a ballad, but then becomes a melodic rocker - and later embeds the balladesque passage again. I guess, I listened to this one countless times, coz I still remember the lyrics! So forgive me, if this gets a bit nostalgic... And I personally tend to give it a higher rating, but taking away the nostalgia, it's still a good one!

The bonus track You're The Only One is a mid-tempo track and I think it needs a few spins to grow on me... But it fits well to the album and so it's a nice extra.

Thanks YesterRock for this re-release! I have been looking for this album for quite awhile as I lost mine in a fire. Glad, it's available for all fans of melodic metal now!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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