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On disc: Myland

Light Of A New Day - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

Light Of A New Day

Light Of A New Day
(Point Music - 2011)

Myland is a project made by the Italian musician Paolo Morbini, an experienced allrounder from Milan. He and the others from the band Myland have other things to attend to musically, but when they have the time they play together in Myland. Their style is pure pop-rock and could easily be played in daytime radio programs, it's AOR that most people can associate with. Not the most meaningful music on the planet, but okay to listen to when you want to rest your ears and relax a bit. The songs are not outstanding or full of character, but solid rock that varies from pop to hard rock. Morbini has previously worked with guitarist like Kee Marcelo and Tommy Denander, and it shows in the music that there is a lot of experience behind these rock songs. If you like Bon Jovi and Foreigner you would probably also find place for Myland's second album, a CD with 12 songs that follows the mainstream of today's rock music.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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