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On disc: Moritz

Undivided - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Harmony Factory - 2010)

The British band Moritz was founded in the 80's and I confess I haven't heard of them before. The band biography isn't giving away much, just that some songs were written in the 80's, some are brand new. The opener Anytime At All shows their 80's sound, a more polished sound would have done them good... Fans of bands like Foreigner, Toto, Night Ranger, FM and co. seem to be their target group, so if you like these bands or one of them, then you should check out Undivided. The end of Anytime At All would have make a great ballad with acoustic guitar and expressive vocals, but it's just a kind of outro. Can't Get Away is a catchy tune with a dash Toto in it. Guitarists Greg Hart and Mike Nolan do a great job and support vocalist Pete Scallan, but also show their talent at instrumental passages. Keyboardist Andy Stewart supports Scallan at the opening of Can't Stop The Angels, then the others join in and the track becomes a symphonic ballad. With Lonely Without You sounds like a Foreigner tune, don't get me wrong, this is no criticism! It's a great tune and one of my favorites. Another great one is Never Together, an up-tempo melodic rocker. The keyboard partly reminds me of Asia... Catchy tune.
Unfortunately is the sound at Power Of Music a bit dull... The song sounds really like the 80's with a 70's influenced Hammond organ. Quite heavy is Same But Different... Should've Been Gone can't shine due to the muddy sound. A shame.
The title track is quite Toto-ish, but also has a dash Foreigner in it. The catchy refrain will stick and you will soon hum it. The opening of World Keeps Turning is quite Jump-ish... A heavy rocker with a memorable keyboard line.
Fans of 80's classic rock should dig the album, but be aware that the recording quality is partly also quite 80's like!
At the end I should mention that the tracks were wrong labeled. I tried to figure out which songs I was listening to, but if I'm wrong, forgive me! The label / promotion agency should be able to tag song titles correctly and not just make the job more complicated for the media!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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