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On disc: Moonstone Project

Rebel On The Run - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Rebel On The Run

Rebel On The Run
(Blistering Records - 2009)

Moonstone Project is the brainchild of guitarist Matt Filippini and keyboarder Alessandro Del Vecchio and their way to keep classic rock alive. The Italians are supported on this album by House Of Lords singer James Christian - who's singing on all but on track -, Glenn Hughes, drummer Ian Paice, Clive Bunker and Ken Hensley.
The opener Sinner Sinner shows the direction, the song revives the 70's rock with a Hammond organ and a bluesy touch. Some funky guitar parts you can hear at the opener as well as on the following Moonster Booster. These songs are pure 70's hard rock! Cosmic Blues is a slow, bluesy tune, but it's James Christian's emotional vocal which make it special. An almost happy tune is From Another Time. The title track Rebel On The Run is crossing the borders to prog / art rock while Closer Than You Think - which is written and sung by Glenn Hughes - is a slow tune which somehow sounds cool and distant... It makes me think of David Bowie, even if I can't explain why. Sorry, but sometimes you really have to hear a song. With Shooting Star you get a classic rock track before they offer Madman, an up-tempo hard rocker with a progressive edge - and Ken Hensley's unique Hammond organ play. Partly the song reminds me of Rainbow, but spiced up with some 70's art rock. The closer is Halfway To Heaven, another hard rock track which should convince every fan of 70's hard rock! Well done!
The whole album has a 70's hard rock vibe, but the Italians and their mates add other sound elements. The album has a warm and authentic sound which makes it a real pleasure to listen. I can recommend this album to all fans of 70's rock la Deep Purple, Whitesnake and Rainbow, but fans of the late 70's prog rock should give it a try... Nothing new, but fun to listen to!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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