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In the studio: M.A.N

- M.A.N - Jan. 2010 - Gothenborg (S) -

- M.A.N - Studio Report for Massive Audio Nerve -

On September 18th 2009 M.A.N entered Grand recordings studio in Gothenburg, Sweden. Together with engineer Svein Jensen they started the recording of M.A.N: s third studio album entitled: Massive Audio Nerve.

Drums and bass were put on track first and finished within the first week. After that guitars and vocals and finally additional stuff such as percussion and various string instruments. The whole recording session lasted a month and a half. After all the final touch-ups were made the tracks were sent to mixing guy Ulrich Wild (Static-X, Pantera, Prong, Deftones, White Zombie et cetera) and then to Maor Appelbaum in L.A, (USA) who did the mastering of the album.

New for Massive Audio Nerve is that M.A.N is the very first metal band ever to have incorporated what we call the 'Full Scale Quarter Tone System' into our music - and metal music genre as a whole. The 'Full Scale Quarter Tone System' (our own term) means that there are 24 quarter semi tones, instead of 12 'ordinary' semi tones, within the reach of an octave (1200 cent). This has led to new kinds of expressions and possibilities and is featured by more than just a Solistic issue in order of a solo instrumentalist or a solo part, but covered by the string instrument section (guitars, bass & vocals) in whole songs, with state of equilibrium with the ordinary semi tone system. This 48 fret metal concept - cultivated and formed by M.A.N has never been heard before.
We are extremely proud and very pleased with the outcome of the album and we feel that it has taken us to a whole new level musically. Massive Audio Nerve will be released on March 26.

Video Studio Report:

Part 1 - Part 2

Part 3 - Part 4

Many thanks to M.A.N and Tiefdruck Musik for this studio report!


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