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On disc: My Refuge

A Matter Of Supremacy - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

A Matter Of Supremacy

A Matter Of Supremacy
(Bakerteam Records - 2015)

The Italian band My Refuge was founded in 2010 near Milan, Italy. Soon they started working on their first EP 3407-Picture Of An August Night. As many band they had to face a few line-up changes until a stable line-up was found. So in 2012 they were ready to go on and in 2013 their second EP Living In Anger was released by the band. Now they present their first full-length album A Matter Of Supremacy via Bakerteam Records.

The opener A Storm Is Coming is giving a good impression on what to expect from the Italians - melodic power metal with an epic edge and some neo-classical guitar play. At The Cage (Oh Demon In My Eyes) they add some interesting vocal parts and singer Moz once more shows that he knows how to use powerful voice in many ways. Some hints to Queensr&unly;che can be found, but check it out yourself!

At Calling Of The Wind they make me think of Heir Apparent for a moment. But then a break leads into a slow, epic passage and surprises the listener - and soon you'll find yourself singing along. A real metal anthem is Endless Night where the guys show their soft side. Here they get support by keyboardist Federico Cima who also gave a helping hand at A Storm Is Coming, On Wings Of Wax and Somewhere. The lead guitar passage seems to be inspired by German hard rockers Scorpions... But at the Germans are masters of touching ballads and hard rock anthems - and will have inspired innumerable musicians.

Living In Anger is heavy and has an 80's touch, somehow. Again it's the guitar play which sticks out, the dual leads are a counter part to the vocals. Moz is screaming and adds a dash of aggression to his words. And as another surprise, they embed a speed metal-like part.

At This Wall they use spoken words to give it another flavour, but the mid-tempo rocker also offers a vocal line which reminds me of some 80's pop song... Just I can't name it. While The Raven opens up with a choir and guitars, before speeding up a bit and adding a dash of old Helloween / Gamma Ray. Atmospheric symphonic sound lead you into Empty Room, then they step back and give space to Moz Voice which takes the spotlight. Just to head into a powerful melodic part with a melancholy edge. The closer Somewhere is another up-tempo melodic rocker with a catchy hook.

Sure, all this sounds familiar when you read it, but the quintet offers a god mix of sounds without pushing limits. And they have all the time to develop their signature sound, this is just a debut! But one I can recommend to all fans of melodic power metal and epic metal.

Looking forward to hear more from the Italians and hope that they can hit the road soon!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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