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In Words: Majestic

- Richard Andersson - August 2000 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Majestic: Richard Andersson - live 1999
Claudia Ehrhardt

Richard Andersson - August 2000 (by email)

The 2nd album of the Swedish Majestic is out now. When I requested an interview there were no plans for a tour...... But know there seems to be... But let Richard Andersson, mastermind of Majestic, tell....

Why do you named the band Majestic?

I was looking for a name that could represent my music and the band in a good way. Majestic is huge as well as my music.

Please tell about the band's history. You toured with Pretty Maids....

That was really great to go on tour with Pretty Maids. First, they are very nice guys, and we had a lot of fun on that tour. Second, it was a great feeling to perform and show the audience that we can play exactly the same notes as we do on the album. The response from the audience was great. It was very fun to talk with some of them after we had performed.

Why do you changed the line-up that dramatically? How do you got in touch with your new band members?

I knew that there was a great guitar player in town, so I called him up and we played around in my studio for a couple of nights, and then everything was settled. It was about the same with the drummer. At the moment I was looking for a new singer. I did not want to have this high pitched singer, because I hate it. I was more looking for a powerful singer, kind a like Ronnie James Dio or Joe Lynn Turner. Now, I think I have found him!

Please tell a little bit about the lyrics. (I have the promo cardlet and so no lyrics. But the titles of The Rapture Of Canaan and The Breath Of Horus sound interesting...)

For me the lyrics are important. They are also very personal to me. Sometimes people can not understand what I want to say. When I compose a song I get a certain feeling for the melody and the beat. So at an early stage I know what the song should contain. The Breath of Horus is dedicated to all the people who died last year during the earthquake in Turkey. Horus is the wind god in Egyptian mythology. When she strikes no one can ever survive.

How do you write the lyrics? Are there specific topics you prefer to write about? Or is it more in a spontaneous way you write them?

I write about things that happen around me every day. The song Confusicus is a love song about my beautiful wife. The song Resurrection is dedicated to the past band members. A sort of a kick in the ass. He! He!

How you came up with the cover artwork? And who did the cover? Have you ever thought about doing a conceptual album?

Not because it's kinda trend these days, more because it's interesting to deal with a certain subject... I was looking for something that could represent the band and the music in a good way. The music is huge and so must the CD cover be as well. I'm not that interested in a concept album. I think it can be boring for the listeners in the end. One and every song shall stand for it self. Almost like a dish!

How been the reactions so far?

Fabulous! I'm so happy for the great response all over the world.

Is Trinity Overture released world-wide again? At the same time or with delays?

Europe 22/5 and Asia 7/6. South America and USA at the same time. Everything was done perfect in time.

Are any concerts planned or a tour?

Actually we are going on a European tour in November with Symphony X and Concerto Moon. It starts in Belgium and France. Then we go further to Italy, Spain, and rest of Europe. These bands are great. I suppose Symphony X is the headlining act.

Which bands influenced you?

With this new record I have found my own way of expression. I'm not listening to other bands or music. I'm only listening to classical music, such as Bach, Vivaldi, Paganini etc. It's very difficult to do something that no one ever have done before. Your music always sounds like another band. But when I was a kid I use to listen to bands like Deep Purple, Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen etc.

When you decided to make music? What age you started?

I think I was at the age of 18

What do you think about the developing of the metal genre?

All the different shades of metal.... So many bands come and go.... There are many good bands out there, but there are too many shitty bands as well. It's too easy nowadays to get a record deal. But the best bands will last forever. Hopefully!

This was just like a first introduction to this band. When they'll come on tour we'll go and chat again. Then I guess we can go more in detail.... Let's see.....

Claudia Ehrhardt


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