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On disc: Metal Inquisitor

Unconditional Absolution - Umberto Mino - 9 stars

Unconditional Absolution

Unconditional Absolution
(Hellion Records - 2010)

I've waited for this band for a long time, and finally after years I can listen to this new Unconditional Absolution and OMG on Nuclear Blast!!!! Finally somebody open his eyes and look to Metal Inquisitor, one of the most talented band of the German and European underground!!!! Now El Rojo and his partners (in crime) have the possibility to explode their metal vision worldwide,and this thing could be very easy with this new excellent record.
Metal Inquisitor give to the old (and new too???) fans with the first songs of this new CD, so let the battle begins with Extinction and Causality Evacuation metal with some good AC/DC influences for the first one and NWOBHM for the second tune!! Quest For Vengeance is simply irresistible after his intro, Downing Death is really get me out of my mind with these riffs full of Grim Reaper, Metal Church and Breaker (US) and Saxon any other band that is part of your personal background!!! Betrayed Battalion is a call to arms, a song that could be in any Metal Church album, and I mean the first two albums..... Satan's Host has another killer guitar riff, a riff that could be in any 1981 album of NWOBHM, a vocal line that could be in a new hypothetic Satan CD (do you remember Brian Ross??). The Arch Villain is the calm before the storm..... Necropolis is a full frontal metal attack!!! U.S. / German metal at his best!! The storm has no end with Persuader, a fast track that came out once again from the glorious '80s!!! Suffer The Heretic To Burn is another great song in this 'near-at-the-perfection' album, so let's discover the last track The Path Of The Righteous Man and we'll hear a song very doomy, heavy, powerful and finally we can say that: this is a great album!
We are near to end this 2010 ,so for me this is one of greatest album of this year with White Wizzard, Enforcer and Atlantean Kodex...... all hail Metal Inquisitor!!!

9 stars

Umberto Mino


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