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On disc: Mares Of Thrace

The Pilgrimage - Lars Bjørn - 3 stars

The Pilgrimage

The Pilgrimage
(Sonic Unyon Metal - 2012)

Mares Of Thrace is a Canadian band who released the album The Moulding in 2010. This time Therese Lanz focus her doomy vision on the story from the Hebrew Bible about King David and his lust for Bathsheba whom he later married. This tale is the red thread throughout the whole album, but however good the subject is, Mares Of Thrace is soaking the story into absolute oblivion with endless evil growls and music that lacks so much content that it hurts. Starting with David Glimpses Bathsheba we get a doom driven noisy rhythm and spluttered with growls of a gruesome volume. The Pragmatist has good aggressive guitars by Therese Lanz but unfortunately she turns up the wildness of the growls to dominate the song in a completely disastrous direction. Bathsheba's Reply To David is meaningless and obscure guitars, instrumental apart from a very short growling session in the middle of the song. The Goat Thief has slow guitars but a musical content on a very low level. The 10 songs on this album could all have been given a more decent makeover before recording, but this is what Mares Of Thrace has chosen to release. Better luck next time, and please put more work into the songs.

3 stars

Lars Bjørn


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