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On disc: Malhkebre

Prostration - Mike Thompson - 9 stars


(Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions - 2010)

Previously only available as a limited 10" vinyl released in 2006 on Battlesk'rs Productions, this release marks the first time for French black metal band Malhkebre on CD.
Contained within this EP are four tracks of furious, unrelenting 'Art Noire'. The record begins with some horrifying, bestial growls that create the impression of being present at a demonic summoning. Its an incredibly sinister atmosphere! Then the guitars crash in and proceed to crush you with an onslaught of awesome sonic brutality. This is how black metal should fucking sound! The next two songs also begin with some horrifying atmospherics - it really is the stuff of nightmares too – before continuing in much the same way. The final track Fidéles Serviteurs begins with the full-on metal slaughter and ends with the demonic growls fading into nothingness accompanied by the lone, mournful guitar.
This is raw black metal at its finest. Every aspect of this recording is absolutely spot-on – a full guitar tone, rumbling bass which is used to good effect, varied drumming and possessed vocals screaming lyrics in French and English. Its about the right length to leave you with a great impression without being repetitive or boring too.
I feel I have to ask why nobody has mentioned this band to me before? With the amount of overrated dross that has risen to the top of the French black metal scene what the hell is this band doing still languishing in relative obscurity? I know many bands like to remain underground but when all I hear about is Deathspell Omega while good stuff like this is not even mentioned I get quite vexed. End of rant.
This is a fantastic EP from Malhkebre that displays just how sinister a black metal album can still sound these days. Definitely a band I will be keeping an eye on and hoping for more releases!

9 stars

Mike Thompson


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