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On disc: Midnight Chaser

Rough And Tough - Umberto Mino - 8 stars

Rough And Tough

Rough And Tough
(Heavy Artillery Records - 2011)

This band, Midnight Chaser, is a special discover for me. I heard their mini CD during the journey from a festival in Germany back home. I loved them immediately and I bought that CD when I come back home. Now it's time to review their first full-length CD and I am very happy to do this!!! Midnight Chaser is an American band from San Francisco, California, a place well known for us metaheads. From the land of Exodus and Testament comes this new sensation, not of thrash metal but of real true heavy metal that has roots in Scorpions, Maiden, Tank and Tygers Of Pan Tang. So people you MUST spend your f***ing money for this Rough And Tough because contains 9 songs of great valor, including a nice cover of Scorpions' Dynamite.

Rough And Tough has a lot of arrows to throw, arrows of metal of course!!! Songs like the title track and Out On Your Shield or Swords For Hire prove how good are this band.

Midnight Chaser.... a name for the future of Californian metal, that's for sure!!!

8 stars

Umberto Mino


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