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On disc: Mindmare

- Promo 2006 - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Promo 2006

Promo 2006
(self-released - 2006)

The Danish band started as a doom metal band called Unholy Grave, later re-named to Moribund, then Morfeus and since 2003 they are called Mindmare. But not just line-up changes happened, they also changed musically. These days they play melodic death metal. First you hear some distant music, spherical sounds and then there is silence for a split-second before they kick off Chaosride. Heavy riffs and hammering drums build the playground for Joachim Asmussen's growls. The guitar line is catchy and easily takes your attention. A short lead guitar part makes it even more interesting. It's mainly the growls which add some aggression to Mindmare's sound. The guitar work is divided between firing heavy riffs and adding melodic leads.
At Bleed they continue what they showed at Chaosride, but add some mid-paced passage which make it differ from the opener and makes it more interesting. No hyper-fast riff attacks, but heavy, precisely played riffs.
Mindmare's songs aren't as catchy as e.g. Mercenary's, but they are on their way. New stuff for fans of melodic death metal, but fans of power metal who have no problems with growls should check out the Danish, too!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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