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On disc: Merendine

New World Disorder - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

New World Disorder

New World Disorder
(Metalville - 2012)

Some might know Merendine under their old moniker Merendine Atomiche, after guitarist David Bisson left they shortened the name and now they release New World Disorder.

The Italian quartet is kicking off with The New Rebels, a tune with a heavy groove. The vocals of Luca Zandarin are raw and melodic, he also uses some spoken words. At Revolution they add some aggression and Mr. Zandarin add some shouts and shows more facets. On the guitar front the band can't really shine, it all sounds too familiar... Without the memorable vocals you wouldn't remember much of Revolution. For We Know The Trick they speed up and add a dash of punk to their thrash - again it's the vocals which do the trick. With Stand Up And Fight they leave the thrash roots behind and deliver a heavy metal tune which invites you to sing along. Actually this is one of my favorites. Declaration is another powerful heavy metal tune while the title track New World Disorder brings back the thrashy sound. At Servants they have a slow passage with clean, melodic vocals and this other facet of their sound is more promising in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they shall just do slow stuff, but the less thrashy stuff is offering more variety and gives Luca Zandarin more space to shine. Songs like Spin Doctors are based on a heavy groove and sound like a modern heavy metal tune. They close this chapter with a balladesque tune called Self Destruction, and once more it proves that the less thrashy tunes stick out. Here they even give it a symphonic edge, and I can just say I would like to hear more of their melodic side!

Singer Luca Zandarin is an asset for Merendine, but I think they need to make up their mind which way they want to go. Sure, some will like both sides of the Merendine sound while fans of traditional heavy metal won't fall for the thrash tracks and thrash metal fans might dislike the more melodic tunes.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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