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On disc: Malice

New Breed Of Godz - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

New Breed Of Godz

New Breed Of Godz
(SPV - 2012)

Malice is back! Well, New Breed Of Godz is a compilation of old and new songs. And they don't choose the easy way opening with one of their classics, they kick off with a new track, with New Breed Of Godz. Malice returns with a new line-up, it's original members Jay Reynolds and Mick Zane on guitars, bassist Mark Bane - Robert Cardenas is also listed on bass... - and the new members Helstar's James Rivera and drummer Pete Holmes. And so the old tracks like Hell Rider have been re-recorded with the new line-up. Sure, they sound a bit different and the 80's magic is missing, but everybody who didn't grow up with their classic albums In The Beginning and License To Kill will appreciate nowadays sound quality. Long-time fans of the band might need time to get used to Rivera's vocals, coz he adds more screams - but if you know Helstar then you know what to expect from Mr. Rivera. But songs like Against The Empire show why Malice albums are classics, the song is a heavy, riff-based track with a catchy edge - and should hook up every fan of traditional heavy metal. Surely some will say that James Rivera can't replace James Neal, but I think that's more a nostalgic point of view - and I sometimes also have it. But if you are open-minded then you can't really criticize James Rivera's vocal parts. And Branded, one of the 4 new songs, shows that the new Malice have a lot to offer! Winds Of Death (Angel Of Light) starts slowly and is a balladesque tune which shows a different facet of Malice. Actually it sounds authentic 80's, like it's a left-over from their 80's releases... Personally I like the new versions of Stellar Masters and Chain Gang Woman a lot, I wouldn't say better...

Let's talk about the DVD! The DVD is a bonus and offers a Making Of as well as live footage from 1987 and from Keep It True XIV, so this package is value-for-money. And it's nice to see the old live footage, coz not everybody got the chance to catch them back then. Even if the sound / image quality can't keep up with nowadays standard, it's documenting the band's performance back in 1987. It also cool to get an impression of the new Malice on stage. It's just about 16 minutes from their 2011 Keep It True performance, but it's fun! This part includes Hell Rider and Sinister Double. The Making Of is about 50 minutes and includes interview parts and live footage. Very nice.

Even for fans of the early days this release is interesting due to the DVD's live footage - be aware that video quality in the 80's wasn't great. Fans of traditional heavy metal / US metal should get a copy soon, coz the old songs get revived, the new ones give a hint of what to expect. On top a DVD with live performances, nothing to complain.

Track list:

1. New Breed Of Godz (new song)
2. Hell Rider
3. Against The Empire
4. Branded (new song)
5. Sinister Double
6. Circle Of Fire
7. Stellar Masters
8. Winds Of Death (Angel Of Light) (new song)
9. Air Attack
10. Chain Gang Woman
11. Slipping Through The Cracks (new song)
12. Godz Of Thunder

- rare live footage from 1987
- 3 Live Tracks from Keep It True Festival 2011
- Making Of New Breed Of Godz album

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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