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On disc: Mouga

The God And Devil's Schnapps - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

The God And Devil's Schnapps

The God And Devil's Schnapps
(Mystic Production - 2010)

Lately it seems that every other week a band from Poland pops up, the latest one I got to listen to is Mouga. The Polish quartet shows on their debut The God And Devil's Schnapps a mix of different styles, so you'll find some heavy grooves, clean vocals next to screams and grunts as well as alternative metal elements, metalcore or hardcore parts. The opener Placebo Silence is showing the road they chose, even if not all elements of their sound are shown. At Who Killed The Phoenix? they add heaviness, but as Konyu's vocals are melodic they can hook you up with that one. The ballad I Can Hold is a bit My Chemical Romance-like, but not bad at all. Even if it ain't a tune which will give you goose bumps, it's quite enjoyable. Mescaline partly has a melancholy touch, but also is full of anger. Veins is taking you onto a sonic roller coaster ride - from aggressive parts to more melodic passages. But they also use distorted vocals and spoken word parts. The closer Schackles & Feathers is ending with some atonal jazzy stuff... Definitely a surprise and it shows that there is much more to expect from Mouga! Check them out at their MySpace!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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