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On disc: Maze Of Torment

- The Unmarked Graves - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

The Unmarked Graves

The Unmarked Graves
(Hellspawn Rec. - 2002)

In May 1995 the band Maze Of Torment raised from the ashes of Harmony. The trio dedicated themselves to death / thrash metal. The Unmarked Graves is their 4th album and the first time in their history that everything is working out. The nowadays quartet made some bad experiences during the last years and without their new label Hellspawn Records this album probably wouldn't have seen the light. Perhaps that would be the end of Maze Of Torment... Produced by Peter Tägtgren at the famous Abyss Studio the band recorded a dozen tracks incl. fast death metal tracks like Fortress Of Doom and more mid-tempo ones like 13th Disciple. The Swedish four-some use the musical variety inside this genre, even if they are more tending to death metal with deep growls and partly the musical direction leads to some black metal elements. Shouter Erik Sahlstrom uses the different vocal styles to add a different vibe to the songs. Void Of Pain is beside the title track in my opinion the best song and is a good example for the sound of Maze Of Torment.
Or check out: 13th Disciple or Burn Till Death.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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