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On disc: Memory Garden

- Carnage Carnival - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Carnage Carnival

Carnage Carnival
(Vic Records - 2008)

The Swedish doomsters Memory Garden needed quite long to release the follow up of Mirage - 8 years are a very long time and many won't know them. With their 4th album called Carnage Carnival they have re-start. For a powerful production they hired Mike Wead (King Diamond / Mercyful Fate), so there shouldn't be any complains.
The title track is also the opener and kicks off with heavy riffs and fast drumming, but they vary in speed. The vocals of Stefan Berglund are very melodic, but also powerful. The fronter of Abstract Algebra and Steel Attack is presenting Carnage Carnival with his mate and spices up the doomy sounds with a dash power metal. With fast drums and riffs they head into The Bitter End, but then the monolithic riffs dominate. After almost 2 minutes it stops for a brief moment, but then they come back full force! Heavy and slow Dominion starts, a doom track with groove and lava-ish riffs. But again the Swedish put their focus on catchy melodies. Beggar's Anthem is one of my faves, coz it sticks out a bit due to the middle part and the guitars - and again it's the vocals which can leave an impression. And so they continue their way and stick to catchy vocals, heavy riffs and variety! The Downfall sticks out a bit, coz it starts with distorted vocals and then heads into a power metal part - for a moment. A track I recommend to check out! Beside this one listen to: A Dark Embrace, Carnage Carnival and The Beast Within.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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