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Band Origin Style CD/
Interv.  Live Specials
A Forest Of Stars Great Britain Psychedelic Black Metal CD
A Life [Divided] Germany Electro Gothic Metal CD
...And Oceans Finland Black Symphonic Metal CD
Abandoned Germany Thrash Metal CD
Abhor Italy Black Metal CD
Abigail Williams USA Symphonic Black Metal CD
Ab Imo Pectore Portugal Black Metal CD
Abstructer USA Stoner Metal CD
Abydos Germany Symphonic Metal CD
Abyss Of Pain Italy Death Grind CD
Abyzz Germany Doom Death Metal CD
Acacia Avenue Denmark Hard Rock CD
Accept Germany Heavy Metal CD live
Access Denied Poland Heavy Metal CD
AC/DC Australia Rock CD live
Achard, Cyril France InstruMetal CD
A Chinese Firedrill USA Art Metal CD
Acid Drinkers Poland Crossover Thrash Metal CD
special tip Acid Rain Serbia Prog Power Metal CD Interview
Acrimonious Greece Black Metal CD
Acute Mind Poland Prog Rock / Metal CD
Adagio France Progressive Metal CD live
special tip Ad Astra Hungary Progressive Metal CD
Addicted To Pain USA Metal CD
Adler's Appetite USA Heavy Metal CD live
Adorned Brood Germany Folk-ish Pagan Metal CD live
Ad Patres France Death Metal CD
A Dream Of Poe Portugal Dark Metal CD
Adrenaline Mob USA Modern Hard Rock live
special tip Aeon Zen Great Britain Prog Metal CD Interview
Aerial Ruin USA Rock CD
Aerosmith USA Hard Rock CD live
Aeturnus Norway Death Metal CD
special tip After All Belgium Thrash Metal CD Interview live
Afterfeedback Spain Nu Metal CD
After Forever Netherlands Gothic Metal CD live
After Hours Great Britain AOR CD Interview
Afterworld Finland Power Metal CD
Agamendon Germany Melodic Death Metal live
Agate Norway Dark Progressive Metal CD
Ageless Oblivion Great Britain Death Metal CD
Agent Steel USA Thrash Metal CD live
Age Of Evil USA Thrash Metal live
Agincourt Great Britain NWoBHM CD
Agnostic India Death Metal CD
Agonizer Finland Power Metal CD
Agony Bag Great Britain Theater Metal CD
Agua de Annique Netherlands Airy Music CD live
A Hill To Die Upon USA Black Metal CD
Ain't No Use Germany Crossover CD
Airborn Italy German style Power Metal CD
Airborne Australia Pub Rock CD
Airless Spain Hard Rock CD
Airrace Great Britain AOR CD Interview
Alabama Thunderpussy USA Southern Metal CD
Alastis Switzerland Black Metal CD
Alas, Tyranny USA Symphonic Black Death Metal CD
special tip Albatross India Horror Metal CD Interview
Album USA Stoner Metal CD
Alcatrazz Great Britain 80's Heavy Metal live
Alcest France Shoegaze / Black-ish Metal CD Interview live
special tip Alchemist Australia Thrash Prog Metal CD Interview live
Alchemy Room Italy Progressive Metal CD
Aldaaron France Black Metal CD
Alestorm Great Britain Folk Metal CD
Alexis Chile Heavy / Power Metal CD Interview
Alfonzetti Sweden Melodic Rock CD Interview
Alhena Poland Dark Prog Rock CD Interview
Alice Cooper USA Hard Rock CD live
Alice In Chains USA Alternative Rock CD
Alien Ant Farm USA Nu Metal CD
Allegiance Sweden Black Metal CD
All Ends Sweden Alternative Metal CD
Allen / Lande Norway / USA Hard Rock CD
special tip Alliance USA AOR / Hard Rock CD Interview
Alltheniko Italy Thrash Metal CD
All Too Human USA Progressive Metal CD live
Almafuerte Argentina Heavy Rock CD
Almah Brazil Melodic Heavy Metal CD Interview
Alpha Academy Germany Alternative Rock CD
Altaria Finland Hard Rock CD
Altar Of Oblivion Denamrk Doom Metal CD
Altar Of Plagues Ireland Black Metal CD
Alter Bridge USA Alternative Metal CD live
special tip Always Fallen Belgium Thrash Metal CD Interview
Alyson Avenue Sweden Hard Rock CD
Amara Great Britain Sleaze Rock CD
AmartiA France / Germany Ambient Electro Rock CD Interview
Amberian Dawn Finland Symphonic Power Metal CD live
American Dog USA Heavy Rock CD
Amity In Fame Austria Psychedelic Rock CD
Ammentia Argentina Thrash Metal CD
Amon Amarth USA Death Metal CD live
Amoral Finland Death Metal CD
Amorphis Finland Metal CD live
Anaal Nathrakh Great Britain Death Metal CD
Anagnorisis USA Death Metal CD
Analena Croatia / Slovenia Post-Punk CD
Anathema Great Britain Doom Death Metal CD live
Anatriz Brazil Death'n'Power CD
An Autumn For Crippled Children Netherlands Post Black Metal CD
Ancara Finland Power Metal CD
Ancient Rites Belgium Black / Death Metal CD
Anderson, Ian Great Britain Prog Rock CD
Andrea, José Spain Rock CD
AndrOmedA Guatemala Power Metal CD
Angband Iran Folk Metal CD
Angel USA 70's Rock CD live
Angel Dust Germany Power Metal CD Interview live
Angelica Sweden AOR CD
Angeline Sweden Hard Rock CD Interview
Angel King Sweden Sleaze Rock CD
Angelripper, Tom Germany Fun Metal CD
Angels Of Babylon USA Heavy Metal CD
Angelus Apatrida Spain Thrash Metal CD live
Angel Witch Great Britain NWoBHM live
Angelzoom Germany Ambient Gothic CD
Angra Brazil Prog Power Metal CD Interview live
Angtoria Great Britain Symphonic Metal CD
Anguish Germany Prog Power Metal CD Interview
Anguish Sweden Doom Metal CD
Anhedonist USA Doom Metal CD
Animations Poland Progressive Metal CD Interview
Ankor Spain Female-fronted Metal CD Interview
Annabel Czech Republic Heavy Metal CD
Annihilator Canada Power Thrash Metal CD audio interview live tour diary
AnsoticcA Germany Symphonic Gothic Metal CD Interview
Anterior Great Britain Melodic Death Metal CD Interview
Antichrist Sweden Thrash Metal CD
Anthrax USA Thrash Metal CD live
Anthriel Finland Prog Power Metal CD
Antibodies USA Punk CD
Antimatter Great Britain Dark Ambient Rock CD
Antim Grahan Nepal Black Metal CD
Antiquus Canada Prog Power Metal CD Interview
Antithesis USA Power Metal CD
Anubis Gate Denmark Progressive Metal CD
Anvil Canada Heavy Metal CD
Anyone's Daughter Germany Art Rock CD
AOR France / USA AOR / Westcoast Music CD
Aosoth France Black Metal CD
A Perfect Day Italy Modern Melodic Metal CD
Appearance Of Nothing Switzerland Prog Metal CD Interview
April Daze Germany Brit Rock CD
AranruT Ukraine Symphonic Power Metal CD
Aras Iran Atmospheric Black Metal CD
Arcana XXII Namibia Power Metal CD Interview
Arc Angel USA Melodic Rock CD
Archai Germany Progressive Power Metal CD
Arch Enemy Sweden / Germany Death Metal CD live
Archgoat Finland Black Metal CD
Arch Of Hell Czech Republic Symphonic Dark Metal CD
Arckanum Sweden Black Metal CD
Arctic Flame USA Heavy Metal CD
Arctic Plateau Italy Shoegaze /
Post Rock
CD Interview
Arena Great Britain Prog Metal CD Interview live
Ares Kingdom USA Thrash'n'Death CD Interview
Argus USA Doom Metal CD
Ark Norway Prog Metal CD live
Arkhum USA Extreme Metal CD
Arkona Russia Folk Metal CD
Armagedda Sweden Black Metal CD
Armagedon Poland Death Metal CD
Armored Saint USA US Metal CD Interview live
Arryan Path Cyprus Power Metal CD Interview
Árstíðir Lífsins Iceland Black Folk Metal CD
Artas Austria Modern Metal CD
Artension USA Neo-Classical Metal CD
Arthemis Italy Power Metal CD
Artillery Denmark Thrash Metal CD live
Artizan USA US Metal CD
Artrosis Poland Gothic Metal CD
Arven Germany Melodic Power Metal CD Interview
Asgaia Germany Dark / Gothic Metal CD
As Hell Retreats USA MetalCore CD
Ashes Of Ares USA Power Metal CD
Ashes You Leave Croatia Heavy Metal CD
Asia Great Britain Art Rock CD live
Aska USA Traditional Metal CD Interview
Aspera Norway Melodic Progressive Metal CD
Asphyx Netherlands Death Metal CD
Assailant Sweden Power Metal CD
Assassin Germany Thrash Metal CD
Assert Great Britain H8core CD
Asteroid Sweden 70's Rock CD
Astral Doors Sweden Heavy Metal CD Interview
Astral Rising France Melodic Death Metal CD
As We Fight Denmark Thrash'n'Death CD Interview
Asylum Pyre France Symphonic Metal CD
Ataräxia Spain Heavy Metal CD
Athena Italy Prog Power Metal CD
Athorn Germany Symbionic Metal CD
Atlantean Kodex Germany Heavy Metal CD Interview
Atlantyca France Prog Rock / Metal CD Interview
Atomicide Chile Blackend Death Metal CD
Atreides Italy Melodic Power Metal CD
Atrocity Germany Melodic Death Metal CD
Attack Germany Power Metal CD
Attention Deficit USA Prog Rock / Metal CD
Attick Demons Portugal Heavy Metal CD
Attonitus Germany Mittelalter Rock CD
At Vance Germany Power Metal CD Interview live
Audrey Horne Norway Modern Classic Rock CD
Aurvandil France Black Metal CD
Auras Brazil Hard Rock CD Interview
Aurora Borealis USA Death Metal CD
Autumn Netherlands Gothic Rock CD live
Autumnblaze Germany Dark Metal CD Interview
Avalon Germany Progressive Melodic Metal CD
A Vanishing Self France Neo Metal CD Interview
Avantasia Germany Metal Opera CD
Avathar Finland Black Folk Metal CD Interview
Avenger Czech Republic Dark Metal CD
Avian USA Melodic Power Metal CD
Avsky Sweden Black Metal CD
Awaken Demons Italy MetalCore CD
Axehammer USA Power Metal CD
Axenstar Sweden Power Metal CD
Axevyper Italy Heavy Metal CD
Axxis Germany Melodic Metal CD live
Azmaveth Puerto Rico Black'n'Death Metal CD


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