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On disc: Access Denied

Touch Of Evil - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

Touch Of Evil

Touch Of Evil
(Pitch Black Records - 2012)

The album Touch Of Evil from Access Denied actually came out in 2011 as the band released the album via a local Polish label in 2011, but now Pitch Black Records helped to get more people a chance to listen to this great album. After their debut The Memorial in 2009 the Polish band got a taste of higher ambitions which resulted in the album Touch Of Evil. They are playing tough heavy metal without complicating things, Messenger Of Death maybe standard heavy metal, but the good guitar drive makes the song good and listenable in the true heavy metal spirit. One Night gets the melodic pressure boiled into the metal soup from Poland to get the right hardness, and this song also gets display in a video produced by Access Denied. The level rises very much when Secret Place is crashing through the ears of the fans. High quality rhythm and super hard heavy metal gets a lot of praise to glue to Access Denied, that's the way a band should play when they want success with small weapons but hit their target anyway. Violence Of Mind is aggressive and holds the East European metal traditions high with tough and tight heavy metal. The title song Touch Of Evil comes as the last song, slow and melodic metal with interesting building of the song. They share this title with Judas Priest, but are not trying to get the song in any direction of Priest, Access Denied are making their own sound, and please serve more of that stuff.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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