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On disc: Anubis Gate

Sheep (EP) - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Sheep (EP)

Sheep (EP)
(Nightmare Records - 2013)

The Danish outfit Anubis Gate released in 2011 a self-titled album which marked a new chapter in their career, the first release with Nightmare Records. Now they have an EP ready which is called Sheep and is available as a free download, a little treat for their fans who waiting for a new full-length album which will be called Horizons and shall be in stores in early 2014.

The first track is called Destined To Remember, a song a just shy of 5 minutes, but still there is enough time to show different elements. Bassist and singer Henrik Fevre is doing very well on lead vocals - this one will be in a different version at the up-coming album. The title track is almost 10 minutes long and a cover version of the Pink Floyd tune. It starts slowly, but gets more and more intense with the sound from the background getting more up front. Then the band sets off into a heavy, riff-based part spiced up with a dash of 70's art rock. A nice surprise is the Mr. Mister cover Broken Wings, a song off their Welcome To The Real World release from 1985. The pop rock song got heavier and a metal edge, but it's still a song which will win you over right away. Okay, perhaps it's me being nostalgic... I love Mr. Misters Kyrie and Broken Wings, and so I easily fall for a metal version.

Looking forward to hear more from Anubis Gate.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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