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In Words: Alfonzetti

- Matti Alfonzetti - Jan. 2012 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

© Alfonzetti

Matti Alfonzetti - January 2nd 2012 (by email)

After 10 years Matti Alfonzetti is back with a solo album, but this is not his only creative playground. Thanks to Matti for enlightening us about past, present and future!

With Here Comes The Night you have a new album out, your 3rd solo album. How does it feel to have it out now? How is the feedback for it?

It's great to finally be back with a new solo album after almost 10 years. I'm getting some great feedback from fans saying that this is the album they've been waiting for, reviews have been great too!

It's been a few years since your last solo album, beside Road To Ruin and Red White & Blues, what slowed you down?

I have been working as a producer and songwriter in Sweden for the last ten years, so I have been focusing on that. It was only a year ago I felt I had the time and the songs for a third solo album.

When did you start writing songs for Here Comes The Night? How long did the recordings take?

Most of the songs I actually wrote some years ago in between other projects that I was producing or writing for. Since I'm constantly writing every now and then I write a song that sort of says: this is Alfonzetti material, so I put it aside for my album. The actual recordings did not take that long since I've already demoed all of them and lyrics were already done.

Beside you only Daniel Flores was involved, why him?

Daniel's studio actually is just across the street from mine, so I sent him files of my demos and asked him to put some drums down and I really liked the way he played. We found a great way of working: I would send him songs, he played drums, send them back to me, and then I would record everything else back at my place. It was just really easy and quick! Later we decided it should be a co-produced album.

Marcus Jidell and Emil Fredholm did some guest appearance on your album, how come?

They are both good friends of mine and I love the way they play guitar! I've always wanted to involve them in a project, so when this opportunity came along I instantly called them up and the result was awesome!

Which song(s) would you like to visualize? What about a YouTube channel and some impressions from the studio, from shows?

I suppose Here Comes The Night is one of my favorite tracks and I would love to do a video for that... Actually a YouTube channel sounds like a good idea... I might do that!

Any chance you play some one-off shows to support your solo album?

To be honest Alfonzetti is and always was meant as an album project and I am focusing on my other project Red White & Blues one hundred percent right now.

You will support Chickenfoot with Red White & Blues, what does it mean to you to get the chance to support this super group?

It's a fantastic chance for us to promote the band and the new album and I'm really looking forward to get to see them play live!

Can you updated us on what's going on with Road To Ruins?

I haven't spoken to the guys for some time and I don't think a new album is in the cards at the moment... Again,R2R was also mainly an album project.

What is on your schedule for 2012?

We will be touring with Red White & Blues all over UK and hopefully do some festivals this summer as well. I hope to see our fans at the shows!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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