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On disc: Angel King

World Of Pain - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

World Of Pain

World Of Pain
(YesterRock - 2012)

Angel King came to live in late 2010 and now they present their debut album World Of Pain. But listening isn't a painful experience! The Swedish quartet is based on 80's hard rock / heavy metal. They kick off with Dangerous, a catchy track with an authentic 80's feel. Singer Lazzy G has a powerful voice with a raspy tone - and that gives the songs a heavy edge while the screams are typical for 80's hard rock. The title track World Of Pain is a bit slower and is another guitar-based rocker. They ease off a bit for She Wants To Be Loved, followed by Living The Wild Life, a track spiced up with speed changes, big backings and a memorable melody line. One of my faves is Enemy, the track reminds me a bit of Trixter... spiced up with some heavy riffs. Fahrenheit 541 clocks under 3 minutes and it's quite different... First spoken words, then a heavy groove with fat riffs. Bassist Rock Boston joins in for lead vocals, but personally his high-pitched vocals are more irritating than adding something to the tune... The track has a slight horror feel at certain passages, you can imagine these parts being used on a horror flick. Rock And Roll Doctor is a heavy rocker which sounds a bit like Quiet Riot due to Lazzy G's voice, if you can imagine Quiet Riot playing a glam rocker, then you are close to know what to expect. Same thing can be said of Get Up, even this is more Quiet Riot mixed with some hair metal stuff from the late 80's... Wasteland is one of the songs which you'll soon start singing along, but it's topped by the closer Last Generation! Okay, World Of Pain isn't an over-the-top album, but a more than decent debut which makes me hope for more from the Swedish!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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