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On disc: Acrimonious

Sunyata - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars


(Agonia Records - 2012)

A new album from Acrimonious to follow up on the 2009 debut Purulence. This time the Greek black metal band calls their album Sunyata, and the metal is as intense as the first record. In a mix between soft and ultra fast speed Acrimonious travels in the black universe of well-written metal for a large specter of black metal influences. Nexus Aosoth starts the show with a soft dark wildness of atmospheric beautiful dark metal, something that can please most dark metal fans. Cykaria Hecate has a melodic and aggressive line throughout the song and with the pace of the guitars this will surely appeal greatly to their fans. The Hollow Wedjat is getting on in the path of their speed black style but with great creativity of building the solid fundament of hard black metal. Black Kundalini is another one of their fast guitar driven and very massive black metal blasters, this is surely a very interesting album. Good to hear that Greece has so much fine black metal.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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