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On disc: Angtoria

- God Has A Plan For Us All - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

God Has A Plan For Us All

God Has A Plan For Us All
(Listenable Rec. - 2006)

Never heard about Angtoria? No surprise as this is the debut of the British band. But the voice of Angtoria is well-known, coz Sarah Jezebel Deva worked for years with Therion and Cradle Of Filth. She teamed up with Chris and Tommy Rehn who composed and arranged the music and played most instruments in the studio. Musically the genre symphonic metal fits best.
After the intro The Awakening they start off with I'm Calling which is giving an idea what Angtoria is about. A bit heavy and with some male vocals they present Deity Of Disgust. The male vocals on this disc been added by Aaron Stainthorpe and Martin Häggström. Some instrumental parts remind me of Edvard Grieg, but I'm not really into classic music, so I might be wrong... An epic balladesque song is The Addition. But here I miss the certain something... Also a larger variety would have do the album good. Very dramatic begins Original Sin, here the influences of classical music are obvious again, unfortunately the song can't keep the dramatic tension through out the song, but the spoken words and the growls make this one more interesting. Usually I'm not a big fan of cover versions and never been a fan of Kyle Minouge, but Confide In Me I always liked. Originally it's a sweet pop tune, but here the guitar riffing adds some aggression and builds a counter-part to Sarah's vocals. Well done!
Beside the title track I can point out Deity Of Disgust and Original Sin to listen to as well as The Addition. Interesting is their cover version of Kyle Minouge's Confide In Me, but it's not representing the album. Finally I can say that it ain't a bad album, but hopefully next time they offer a larger variety. Musically the album might attract fans of Epica, The Gathering (Anneke van Giersbergen - early works), Lacuna Coil and Therion... But I can just recommend to give it a try and make up your own mind.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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