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In Words: Alchemist

- Adam Agius - - Nov. 2007 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Adam Agius @ ProgPower Europe 2007
© Claudia Ehrhardt

Adam Agius - November 2007 (by email)

Around for almost 20 years Australia's Alchemist still on their way conquer the metal fans around the world. In their homeland they are quite known and with playing ProgPower Europe - and a few club shows - they are on their way to make it in Europe. Time to talk to mastermind Adam Agius!

Tripsis is your latest studio work and it's been several years since the release of Austral Alien. Why did it take several years to release the follow-up?

Mostly because our drummer moved 2000kms away and we had to reinvent the way we wrote songs, we usually take a long time anyway.

How are the reactions for Tripsis so far?

It seems people really like it, they like the fact that it is more aggressive.

What makes Tripsis differ from Austral Alien?

I think the aggression and speed and the fact that most of the songs are more condenced, it's a shorter, more in your face album than Austral Alien.

How important are the lyrics for you? And what inspires you?

It depends, when I listen to music I don't listen to lyrics at all I just love the sound of music and vocals, but when I write lyrics it is important. It all depends on what album, but for Tripsis I was writing lyrics and inspired by what was going on in my head and the things around me.

Please explain us what you mean by 'God shaped hole'!

It is a metaphor for people who have no faith or have lost faith in life, who believe in or follow nothing, it's nothing about religion or God so to speak, it's a great title I think, it really gets people thinking what the hell we are talking about.

Will there be a video for a Tripsis song? If so, please tell us about the clip.

We started one for Wrapped In Guilt, but it is merely a little footage of Roy and I at the moment, be working on it next month.

Btw, as far as I know you got an award at home for First Contact... Was it a surprise for you? And what does this award mean to you?

It was for the Aussie Metal Awards that don't exist anymore, it was not that suprising as it is an awesome clip. Rodney did the clip, but won't do them for us now, because he wants money... Sucks as it's an amazing clip.

With Embryonics you released a kind of best-of off your early releases. Did the band choose the songs? Or did the label decided which songs end up at Embryonics?

The band chose the songs, all 4 of us!!!!!

Even as your first album was released in 1993, your first demo was done in 1987... That's 20 years of Alchemist... What about a DVD?

Unfortunately that's something we want to do, but have very little footage and money to do it.

The artwork and booklet is again done by Roy. Do you think it's an advantage to have someone from the band doing the artwork?

Very much so, the whole visual aspect of Alchemist has been invented by Roy and it looks great., I am very grateful for this, there are something I don't like, but very few indeed and I really just let him have 100% control as he has a vision and we respect that.

You are from Australia, so it's a long way to play anywhere else... This time you had the chance to play a few shows in Europe when you came over for ProgPower Europe. Please tell us about this experience!

Overall it was fantastic, shows were well attended and we had a great time. We are hoping to come back for 2008 summer tours.

It was the 2nd time for you at ProgPower Europe. How was it this time? You were the headliner one night...

It was awesome fun and a great performance by us. We had lots of fun and were proud to headline. The bands on our day were great!!!!!

Any chance you play another ProgPower festival? In the US or U.K.?

It would be awesome. We would need to be offered a position first and as of now we have heard nothing... I'm not even sure they know we exist!!!!

Beside a festival like ProgPower, what band would you like to tour with?

Anybody!!! But I would love to tour with Neurosis or High On Fire.

What's next on your schedule?

Organise some summer shows here in Aussie.

Anything you want to add?

Thanks for the questions! Hope people will check us out, we hope to be back next year.

A brief look into what's going on in the Alchemist camp at the moment. Hopefully they can come back next year for some club shows and festivals. An Alchemist shows is a very intense performance and I can just recommend to go to one of their shows when they are touring your area!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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