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On disc: AmartiA

- Marionette - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars


(Manitou Music - 2007)

Even if this is the 3rd album of the French, it's the first time I hear of them. And it's their first album with new singer Britta Herzog. The album is produced by mainman Vincent Vercaigne and was mixed by Bruno Levesque.
You hear the wind howl at Desert - the intro - then some guitar joins with some monotonous riff... some keyboard and then you hear people in the background like at a market... Finally Miss Herzog starts talking.. An electronic beat and it leads into Ignorance. Heavy riffs, electronic sounds and keyboard lines..The vocals on top of it - sounds a bit distant.. arrogant, but emotional. I miss a bit the warmth in Britta's voice, but that's probably only the pitch of her voice.... And don't get me wrong she isn't sounding cold or sterile. Ignorance is based on heavy riffs, but due to the electronic sounds and the vocals close to some ambient rock then to some kind of metal. The following Surprends moi is sung in French and the guitar melody has an Oriental touch - not all the time, but they return to the theme. Actually the French vocals sound warmer.... On Come Back From Heaven Britta switches between French and English. Here the heavy guitars dominate the songs, but the electro sounds taking off the edge. Revolution der Marionette starts in German, but then she switches to French - and later to English. Interesting... Musically they also mix different elements.
The guitars are quite heavy, but the music I wouldn't categorize as metal... It's more a kind of electro rock with heavy guitars and a bit ambient... It's pretty tough to describe and so I can only advise you to listen to some samples at their website or go to their MySpace . Well done, but only for open-minded metal fans!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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