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On disc: Alfonzetti

Here Comes The Night - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Here Comes The Night

Here Comes The Night
(AOR Heaven - 2011)

Matti Alfonzetti started his musical career as a bass player, but soon after making the first steps into the music business he put aside the bass and made singing his profession. Some might remember him from Bam Bam Boys, Jagged Edge and / or Skintrade. Or more recently Road To Ruin with Lions Share mastermind Lars Chriss. This is his 3rd solo album - the debut Ready was released in 2000 and two years later Machine got in stores - and with Here Comes The Night he returns.

The opener Losing You is a bluesy rocker with a dash of arena rock, quite catchy. After the melancholy Here Comes The Night, Mr. Alfonzetti speeds up a bit and heads into the melodic rocker I'll Wait For You. Songs like Heartbreaker sound familiar, but if you can enjoy a good song and if you love bluesy vocals, then you won't mind the similarities. But in case of Heartbreaker the song is a bit too repetitive for me, but still has passages I really dig. With acoustic guitar Why Can't You Love Me kicks off, but then becomes a melodic rocker which slightly reminds me of Great White... I really like the closer I Will Never Let You Fall, why? Well, I can't really tell, but I think it's because it doesn't give me the 'I know this...' feel or should I say it seems that finally Matti Alfonzetti is on the way to create his one sound!?! Whatever, the album is fun.

I really enjoy the songs, but I always have the feeling it's this or that band, so I miss uniqueness. I know, it isn't easy to create something new, but it's not about creating something completely new, it's about the special something which make you identify a singer / musician right away. I know, easier said than done.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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