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On stage: Armored Saint

- W.O.A. 2000 - Aug. 2000 - Wacken (D) -
- Armored Saint, Brainstorm & Jacob's Dream - Sep. 2000 - Helmond (NL) -
- Armored Saint, Brainstorm & Jacob's Dream - Oct. 2000 - Vosselaar (B) -
- RockHard 2007 - May 2007 - Gelsenkirchen (D) -

- Armored Saint, Brainstorm & Jacob's Dream -
- October, 6th 2000 - Vosselaar (B), Biebob -

Main question today... Can Armored Saint top their Helmond show? Belgium's metal club no. 1 was almost sold out, even if not everyone arrived when Jacob's Dream came on stage. The Americans still suffer from a cold, but got more routine. So the sextet were able to convince more fans tonight, even some who were in Helmond a little disappointed. Again the Ohio-based band had about 30 min. to present themselves. Live they offered songs like Funambulism, Scape Goat and Mad House Of Cain. They did a good job.
Next Brainstorm and today Andy B. Franck was back! Still handicapped by a special bandage to stabilize his collar bone, but in a very good mood! In comparison with the show in Helmond... They were amazing. The German youngsters know why they chose Andy as a singer! He was rocking, banging and communicating with the fan between the songs. With Ambiguity, their latest release, the have a strong album and so they wanted to present the songs live. But they haven't forgot to play some old ones as well. The set incl. Crush Depth, Maharaja Palace, Beyond My Destiny and Tear Down The Walls. Hope that they return soon to the European stages. It would be interesting to see them without a handicapped singer....
Now everybody waited to see the Californians... And again they let their fans wait, but when the intro starts the crowd get louder shouting for Armored Saint. The quartet started again with Can U Deliver. Songs like Reign Of Fire, Nervous Man and Symbol Of Salvation rocked the house! There were a lot expecta­tions from the fans and not everybody believed that the band can fulfill these.... But John Bush and his mates offered a powerful, energetic set which make everybody in the house move and sing along. Absolutely unbelievable! Good to have them back in Europe! There is only one thing that the fans kinda complaint about... The set was too short! Even if the band played about 100 min., but they have so many classic tunes..... And hey, don't keep us hanging for another 10 years, we don't want to wait again!

Claudia Ehrhardt


- Armored Saint, Brainstorm & Jacob's Dream -
- September, 28th 2000 - Helmond (NL), Plato -

Actually I missed Armored Saint when they play at Wacken... So I was curious to see them live in a small club....
When I arrived I expected more fans waiting... Opener on this tour are the American sextet Jacob's Dream. Some may saw them at some festi­val earlier this year. Musically the band fits into the package, they offer technical melodic power metal... With 3 guitarist in the band they do have the chance to play complex melodies along to riffing guitars... On the other hand on the small club stages there is not enough room to move... During the show singer David Tailer asked the fans to apologize when he sounds different and may not always hit the right note. He explain that he is suffering from a sinusitis. David did a decent job. Ob­viously the band need some live experience, but this is there chance.
Next on stage been Brainstorm! The German metal band been through changes, now back with a new album (Ambiguity) and a new singer. Many fans know Andy B. Franck from his former band Ivanhoe and from his main band Symphorce. So many fans been sur­prised when the band entered the stage and guitarist Todde started singing! What happened? Andy had an accident, he broke his collar bone. Andy started the tour, but after a few days he learnt that it is almost impossible. He had to go to hospital for medical treatment. Meanwhile Todde took over the singers part. After Henne left the band Todde jumped in for a few already booked shows and so he was used to. The band was playing songs from all their albums incl. the title tracks as well. The forcibly quartet did a decent job. Anyway, the band en­joyed the set and so the fans did.
After a break it was time for Armored Saint! Awaiting the beginning the fans crowded in front of the stage. Impatiently waiting... And then John Bush and his pals enter the stage with Can U Deliver. Immediately the crowd went crazy! Live the new track Pay Dirt sound even better... The Californian rockers played almost all of their classics incl. Delirious Nomad and March Of The Saint. Joey Vera as well as his colleagues were rocking and banging. It seems that the crowd and the band mutual­ly pushed each other to the limit. A really intense show! I expected a good show, but nothing like that! Amazing! Unbelievable! Thanks guys!

Claudia Ehrhardt

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