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On disc: Ad Patres

Scorn Aesthetics - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

Scorn Aesthetics

Scorn Aesthetics
(Kaotoxin Records - 2012)

How can you reform the genre of death metal, then you listen to Ad Patres and hear how their entry to the deal with the matter. Having released a split CD and a small demo in 2010 they are now ready to make their first full-length album with songs that speaks their own language of victory. The secret of making a success comes from the vocals of Axel Doussad who is giving the songs vitality and power actually without any big time asset, but with a fresh style and attitude in combination with new ideas of dominance and elegance. The songs themselves are at a high level, sound much alike in their formation, but as mentioned with a personal and also brutal touch from Doussaud. The death metal fans will not be disappointed when they listen to Scorn Aesthetics and give themselves away to total head banging joy. The drums and guitars are perfectly tempered and backs up the brutal vocals in a great balance. It's difficult to pick out one specific song to be better or more specific than another one, but To The Fathers has a kind of multi metal twist about that gives it a new exciting dimension. A great debut from the French band Ad Patres.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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