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On disc: Angelzoom

- Angelzoom - Katja Müller - 6 stars


(Nuclear Blast - 2004)

How shall I describe the sound of Angelzoom? Perhaps as ambient gothic... Singer Claudia Uhle's angel-like voice is dominating the songs and the instrumental parts are based on the keyboard woven melancholy soundscapes. An electronic touch is added here and there. On different songs the band from Berlin is working with Joachim Witt, Letzte Instanz and Roederallee. Best to check out are Fairyland - is also the maxi single - and Into My Arms. Both are based on percussion parts and probably the easiest to get in. The Depeche Mode cover version Blasphemous Rumours is overdone by Angelzoom and sounds interesting... Different. Actually I have no idea what's their target group. It ain't bad, but I miss the special something. Some magic. Perhaps I'll discover that later... Perhaps they just need time to find their own identity... Let's wait and see.

6 stars

Katja Müller
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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