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On disc: Avian

From The Depths Of Time - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

From The Depths Of Time

From The Depths Of Time
(Nightmare Records - 2010)

Avian was founded in 2002 by guitarist Yan Leviathan and From The Depths Of Time is their debut which was originally released in 2005. The concept album features singer Lance King (ex-Balance Of Power, -Pyramaze), Pyramaze keyboarder Jonah Weingarten, Megadeth bassist David Ellefson, the line-up was completed with guitarist Roger Moore and drummer David Small.
Lyrically it's about the end of the world, to give a warning to mankind that we are watched by 'guardians'. Musically Avian are based in melodic power metal spiced up with some progressive and heavy metal elements. So you will find reminiscences to Iron Maiden in their sound. The opening of The Fear reminds me slightly of Saga due to the keyboard, but then guitars set in and a prominent bass line adds some heaviness. This song combines traditional heavy metal with progressive elements and a catchy melody. The Final Frontier is a riff-based track, quite heavy but also with a slight bluesy feeling... For a brief moment it's like you listen to Iron Maiden, but then they are off into a more hard rock-laden heavy rocker. After the short interlude Across The Millions it's time for Time And Space Part I: City Of Peace, an epic tune which has a Savatage-sque sound. Great guitar play! Single Blade Of Vengeance is a hard rock track with a symphonic edge. With Two Sides Collide the first bonus track is located between the original tracks, but it was on the Japanese release, so some might know it. A dark atmospheric tune based on razor-sharp riffs and a neo-classical-inspired solo. Then they return to the original track list with Blinding Force, a catchy rocker. Time for a balladesque one - Time Is All We Need. An epic melodic track which shows Lance King singing in a lower tune which fits very well. Personally I would like to hear more of this. The semi-ballad is showing a different facet of Avian. Last Moon is another interlude and leads you over to the closer The Depths Of Time. Two more bonus tracks are added at the end of the disk, Sentinel On The Horizon which features Brian Hollenbeck, King's successor. And last but not least you get an acoustic live version of As The World Burns. I would love to hear more acoustic stuff, this song can really shine in the stripped-down version.
As the original release is out of print for awhile, fans of Avian who don't owe it and people who more recently discovered the band will be glad to get the chance to pick up the album without paying a fortune. A new album is on the way, so it's a good move to make the first releases available again.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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