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On disc: Arryan Path

Terra Incognita - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Terra Incognita

Terra Incognita
(Pitch Black Records - 2010)

Some might know the Cypriot power metal band Arryan Path, now they have their new album Terra Incognita out. It's been years without a word, but the foursome is back with a new album. The opening track Cassiopeia kicks off slowly and with doomy guitar riffs, they pick up speed and the tune becomes an epic power metal track. The 9+ min. long track is a good way to discover Arryan Path. Molon Lave is a metal hymn with fast drumming and soaring vocals. At the title track Terra Incognita they add Greek sound elements and so sticks out, but also needs time to grow... On the other hand add the Greek sounds makes Arryan Path from other power metal bands. With Open Season the guys offer a quite catchy song which makes it easy to get into. The following Ishtar has some sitar at the opening and that indicates that this one has a dash of Indian elements, but it's still a riff-based track. Another epic one is Minas Tirith which offers some catchy hooks, big backing vocals and heavy riffs. If this one can't win you over, then you aren't into epic power metal! And the closer The Mind (bonus track) should make you hit the repeat button to give the album another spin!
The foursome offer a great piece of power metal and thanks to Pitch Black Records it will be available to everybody! Hopefully Arryan Path won't wait another 6 years until they deliver a follow-up! And it would be great to see them live...
Power metal fans should check out: The Blood Remains On The Believer, Molon Lave, Elegy and Minas Tirith.

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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